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This book analyzes the beginning stages of the development of nanotechnology in Latin American countries. Within are chapters about Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, the Andes region and Uruguay. Using this regional understanding of development as a foundation, it is possible to reflect on the political, economic, social, legal, ethical and environmental impacts of these emerging technologies within Latin America. Nanotechnology in Latin America also shows the implementation of different science and technology policies throughout the region.

Nanotechnology has reopened the discussion about the role of technology to alleviate poverty and to promote development. In this book, different nanotechnologies are analyzed in the social context from which they are emerging. Factors like industrial production oriented toward profit, intellectual property rights, the amount of innovation in developing countries and social inequities are seen as key challenges that must be addressed if anotechnology is to assume its potential role as a means to aid development and to alleviate poverty.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1.

Zayago Lau, Edgar & Rushton, Mark. Nanotechnologies for Development in Latin America.

Chapter 2.

Leandro Andrini, Santiago & Figueroa, J.A. Governmental encouragement of nanosciences and nanotechnologies in Argentina.

Chapter 3.

Invernizzi, Noela. Brazilian Scientists Embrace Nanotechnologies.

Chapter 4.

Foladori, Guillermo & Zayago Lau, Edgar. Tracking Nanotechnology in México.

Chapter 5.

Foladori, Guillermo & Fuentes, Verónica. Nanotechnology in Chile: Towards a Knowledge Economy?

Chapter 6.

Chiacone, Adriana; Chimichuris, Ramiro & Luzardo, Garrido Lydia. Nanotechnology in Uruguay

Chapter 7.

Aguirre-Bastos, Carlos; Mercado F., Alejandro; Aguirre, A. José Luís; Portugal E., Rigliana; Paredes F. Carlos; Tirza, C; Aguilar, J; Forero P. Clemente;  Gómez-Baquero, Fernando; Banda, Hugo; Jaramillo, Rocio; Vega-Centeno, Máximo; Morales, Rosa;  Piselli, Roberto; Gutarra Abel, E. Hebe Vessuri; Sanchez, Isabelle & Mahabir P. Gupta. Nanotechnology in the Andean Countries.

Chapter 8.

Invernizzzi, Noela  Nanotechnologies in Latin America: ReLANS Survey.

Foladori, Guillermo & Invernizzi, Noela (eds.) (2008). Nanotechnologies in Latin America. Berlin: Karl Dietz Verlag
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