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The Latin American Nanotechnology and Society Network arose from the desire to discuss the role of nanotechnologies in development. This theme, which is under wide debate in the United States, in Europe and in many other countries, has begun to have a presence in Latin America. Various countries in Latin America depend upon public financing for nanotechnology research. Bilateral agreements also exist between countries of the region and with countries and organizations in the rest of the world.

ReLANS intends to create a forum for discussion and exchange of information that follows the process of nanotechnology development in Latin America. To that end, ReLANS will establish links and collaboration agreements with academic institutions, governments and society, intending to examine and evaluate the political, economic, social, legal, ethical and environmental implications of nanotechnologies that are domestically developed, and/or in collaboration with foreign centers and institutions, and imported goods that contain nanocomponents.

The following questions reflect some of RELANS´concerns, which could serve as guides for the scientific and public discussions regarding nanotechnologies.

  1. Bullet What is the current situation with regard to the advancement of nanotechnologies worldwide and what is the role of Latin America?

  2. Bullet What are the benefits and the implications for Latin America in relation to the development of nanotechnologies?

  3. Bullet Which are the main uncertainties associated with nanotechnologies that are of main concern for society and the environment?

  4. Bullet What is the level of knowledge that people have regarding the issues surrounding nanotechnologies?

  5. Bullet What can be done to stimulate and to promote the dialogue related to the benefits and risks of nanotechnology among experts, the public and between social organizations?

  6. BulletHow and what instruments can be used in order to regulate nanotechnology research and the commercialization of “nano-products” in Latin America?

Red Latinoamericana de Nanotecnología y Sociedad
Rede Latinoamericana de Nanotecnologia e Sociedade 
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